Generosity 2014

Generosity – when have you given or received it?

Generosity given or received is welcomeWhen have you experienced generosity? It’s a deceptively simple question.

We think of large, even lavishly energetic acts of extravagance. Those are the ones that get eyeballs and airtime and ink. Those are the ones that attract grants and in-kind help and audiences.

But when you ask followers of Jesus about generosity, you’re likely to get a different answer. We learn about:

…meals served

…feet anointed and washed

…cups of water and least coins

We asked some of our friends to tell us about a time when they had given or received generosity. The answers, in their own voices and words, will appear in this space.

Generosity Project 2014

These interviews, conducted during October 2014, were conducted, edited, and published by Rev Matt McCaffrey as part of Waterford United Church of Christ’s Generosity Project. We wanted to feature the views of our “friends in faith” — all of whom have interesting things to relate about the generous acts they have experienced in their lives.

The individual audio stories published on this site were collected and published on an audio CD, “Stories of Generosity.” The CD was distributed to our church during November, 2014.

Generosity | Hopes for generous support

Mabel Welch | Sometimes it's making sure that our church is there for those who need it. Receiving in need.

Generosity | They lifted me up

Mary Bowen | Sometimes it's the words we think we do not deserve, the support that pulls us out of the dark valley.

Generosity | Taking in the world

Norma Comins | Sometimes it's all around us, in colors and smells and the gifts of the natural world.

Generosity | Enjoying a heritage

David Cattanach | Sometimes it's found in our family tree, words and acts that shaped us to be who we are today

Generosity | Received

Allyn Bryson Donath | Sometimes it comes when we see the community that surrounds our journey.

Generosity | Unexpected

Kendall Stafford | Sometimes it's accepting a practical gift that fills the cupboard.

Generosity | Been there done that

Adele Elliott| Sometimes it's seeing a hungry or cold or frightened person and deciding, that IS my problem.

Generosity | In case of loss

Generosity at times of loss
Nick Curcio| Sometimes when loss is heavy around us it's found in the people who surround us and hold us up.

Generosity | Grace in a pickle

Generosity saves a move
JoAnn Barrows| Sometimes generosity comes from an unexpected quarter. Grace-filled solutions open up.

Generosity | Dependable support

Winston Barrows | Sometimes it's recognizing that you need it for the long haul. It's continuing kind acts and words.


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