Salt Sightings

You are the salt of the earth.
You are the light of the world.
[Matthew 5:13a, 14a]

Salt shaker

{ I’ve read this—skip to the salt! }

Jesus sends us out to bring God-blessings to our everyday lives.

We’re not talking big, mammoth, impressive miracles here. We’re talking about adding God’s special taste of blessing and well-being to the flavor of life all around us. We’re thinking about the glow of recognition, the glimmer of gratitude, the kind word and the gesture that turns a given moment into a gem of grace.

Beginning Feb. 9, 2014, our folks have been commissioned to notice when they, themselves, are acting as vessels of salt and light for the world. It’s not about “tooting our own horns”—you’ll notice each entry below is anonymous. It is very much about recognizing how each of us is able to bring one more grain of God’s love into the lives and relationships that are ours.

We’ll post these little dashes of salt and rays of light as we receive them. What you see below is probably all there is to each one. It’s all we need, to know that something has changed because someone else has brought God’s flavor and light of blessing into the world.

If you’d like to share, please send an email to

Helped a neighbor with icebound car

Helped a neighbor and her friend push out an ice bound car. Entertained her friend by air-swimming down icy, bumpy driveway. Received a box of candy for my trouble. 🙂

Warmed and encouraged a heatless person

When I arrived at CPC Bible Study two women were in close embrace. I learned that one of them was cold because her heat had gone off in the night. In the morning, she called her son, who called their

Blessing to their caregiver

I was cited by our caregiver Ariana for being a blessing in her life. She is a blessing to us, but it's gone both ways!

Mentors fellow cancer survivors

I have had two separate cancers: breast CA in 2002 and lymphoma 18 months later, with associated chemo and radiation treatments. I truly believe God allowed me to survive my cancers for a reason. I joined a cancer mentoring group

Started with a greeting card

I received a cheerful card to mail, so I sent it to a friend I haven't seen for awhile. I then received a phone call from her that I'm sure cheered her up for the day. (It also "cheered" me!!)

Sings in the local choir

We both sing in the church choir and the fun choir where we are staying. The fun choir will open the worship service at the Lutheran church on Feb. 22.

Made scones for friends

[Hubby] makes great scones and cookies for the folks in our RV Park, especially the chemo friends.

Received a visit from a CPC friend

Another salt sighting was the visit we had by neighbors. It’s a long story but when this young man came to share his biking story and picture album, he said as he entered “I saw you Sunday at church.” It

Appreciated a place to sit

I do so appreciate the stores which have a chair near the check out so I can sit while waiting in line or for my receipt. This was most welcome after I browsed the Charles Chu exhibit last week. The

Noticed the nature of salt

Observed: there is always a factor of being salted when you salt.

Present to the homebound

Visited nursing home, reassurance call to Betty, picked up Annie's prescriptions.

Checked on homebound friends

Checked in with Wanda, checked in with Annie.

Coached a student

Offered moral support to a UConn student fundraiser.

Advocated for a friend

Played health ombudsman for a friend.

Was with baby and helped a stranded man

Monday: had baby all day, and gave a ride home to man stranded at car repair shop.

Nursing home and dinner

Sunday: Visited nursing home, made dinner for a friend.

Braved snowstorm to aid wheelchair-bound man

Today our caregiver  came through the snow and sleet to spend a few hours here, getting my husband started on his day. She was brave/ foolish to come mid storm but is an experienced driver. Was a chauffer.

Helped get couple into their car

Received help from church friend who helped my husband into the car (per my request) and went the second mile of putting my rollator in too.

Gave special treat to homebound husband

My own mindfulness I guess was getting my husband an Edible arrangement for a Valentine. He (thanks to my ingenuity) gave me a chicken feet flower pot holder!

Brought the newspaper

Took newspaper to Henry at Beechwood.

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